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By: Q. Hernando, M.B.A., M.D.

Professor, University of Toledo College of Medicine

The increasing problem of infection with antibiotic resistant organisms demands development of alternative treatments to antibiotic resistance oxford order 500mg tetracycline visa standard antibiotic therapy virus bulletin pc matic buy tetracycline 500 mg. Various types of antiseptics have been used to antibiotic stewardship tetracycline 250 mg treat diabetic foot ulcers, but the available evidence does not support any beneficial effect for most of these. While silver compounds may offer some benefits in ulcer healing,178 there is little evidence (including from several systematic reviews) to support their effectiveness in treating or preventing ulcer infection. There is evidence that dressings with silver, cadexomer iodine and hypochlorous solutions reduce microbial load in the ulcers. To avoid promoting the development of resistance, we suggest avoiding using topical antibiotic agents that can also be administered systemically. Honey has long been used in the treatment of various types of ulcers, including diabetic foot ulcers, for its apparent ulcer healing effects. This may at least be partly mediated by its anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to its effects on osmolarity, acidifying pH and increasing growth factors. Some studies have demonstrated antibacterial effects of honey on various microorganisms obtained from diabetic foot ulcers, either in vitro or in a wound, but there are no published studies clearly demonstrating efficacy against clinical findings of infection. Bacteriophages have been used clinically for over 100 years, but the available data on efficacy (mostly from Eastern Europe, much of it in vitro) are limited. The few publications on using bacteriophages are low quality case series lacking a control group188,189 that suggest it may be safe and effective for some types of infected ulcers, but commercial products are limited and unavailable in many countries. Although the incidence of infection with extensive, or even complete, antimicrobial resistance is rising in some contries, antibiotic therapy is still preferable given the sparse available evidence for bacteriophages. Antimicrobial therapy with bacteriophages might, however, be an option in the future. Several other types of adjunctive therapy look promising but based on limited data and lack of wide availability it is difficult to offer a recommendation on any at this time. Almost all photosensitizers show photodynamic activity against gram-positive bacteria, but activity against gram-negative bacteria is limited to certain cationic photosensitizers. This is an important unmet need as it serves as one means to limit unnecessarily prolonged antibiotic therapy. What is the optimal duration of antimicrobial treatment for diabetic foot osteomyelitis Since infection of bone is more difficult to eradicate than just soft tissue, the recommended duration of antibiotic therapy is more prolonged, but we do not know the most appropriate duration. Advanced imaging studies can be expensive and time-consuming, and may delay appropriate treatment. In diabetic foot osteomyelitis cases, is obtaining a specimen of residual or marginal bone after surgical resection useful for deciding which patients need further antibiotic or surgical treatment Several studies suggest that a substantial minority of patients who have had surgical resection of infected bone have remaining infection in residual bone. Determining the best way to identify these cases and whether or not further treatment improves outcomes could help inform management. When is it appropriate to select primarily medical versus primarily surgical treatment for diabetic foot osteomyelitis While the results of a variety of types of trials inform this choice, an additional large, well-designed prospective study is needed to more definitively answer this question. This term is widely used in the wound healing community (and by industry) but has no agreed upon definition. Deciding if it has value, and standardizing the definition, could help industry develop useful products and clinicians to know which to employ for selected clinical situations. The era of molecular microbiology is inexorably expanding, but it is crucial that we have studies to provide data to help clinicians understand the value of information derived from these techniques. Are there any approaches (methods or agents) to topical or local antimicrobial therapy that are effective as either sole therapy for mild infections or adjunctive treatment for moderate or severe infections Although there are many types of local or topical treatment available there is no convincing data to support if and when they should be used. These approaches, especially if they support using agents that are not administered systemically, could reduce the accelerating problem of antibiotic resistance. How can clinicians identify the presence of biofilm infection and what is the best way to treat it Studies suggest most chronic wound infections involve microorganisms in difficult to eradicate biofilm phenotype, but we currently have no clear information on how to diagnose or treat these infections.

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