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By: O. Aschnu, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Associate Professor, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Seton Hall University

He noticed that four boys with normal intelligence and language development were Asperger Syndrome is one of five exhibiting behaviors similar to cholesterol test effect not fasting order prazosin 1mg visa those of children developmental disorders on the autism with autism cholesterol in shrimp webmd order 2 mg prazosin overnight delivery, such as social impairments cholesterol of 240 purchase genuine prazosin on-line, spectrum. The main differences communication difficulties, and insistence on between Asperger Syndrome and sameness. Children with describing his observations, and people initially Asperger Syndrome do not have thought the disorder was a type of highdelayed language development, unlike functioning autism. Also, children Syndrome is different from autism, even though with Asperger Syndrome display the two disorders exist on the same spectrum average to above-average intelligence. In 1994 the Like autism, there is no known cause or term Asperger Syndrome was added to the cure for Asperger Syndrome. It is unclear whether this is due to more children actually having Asperger Syndrome or better awareness of the disorder among health care professionals. Other sources have estimated that as many as 48 per 10,000 children may have Asperger Syndrome. Given the increasing numbers of children diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, chances are good you will have a child with the disorder in your school and at some point in your classroom. Having a child with Asperger Syndrome in your class will have an impact on the educational and social environment of the classroom. Children with Asperger Syndrome have academic strengths and weaknesses like all children, but the effects of the disorder require different teaching strategies to discover and capitalize on their strengths and facilitate successful learning. Children with Asperger Syndrome also face many obstacles to successful social interactions and relationship building, which are essential elements of the school experience for young people. As a teacher, you can help ensure that children with Asperger Syndrome are fully integrated into the classroom and are able to participate socially with their peers in the day-to-day activities of school life. The first challenge for you in teaching a child with Asperger Syndrome is to recognize it as a serious mutual challenge for the student and you. Children with Asperger Syndrome can look and act like their typical peers and often perform as well or better academically, thus masking the potential effects of Asperger Syndrome. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand and be able to respond effectively to the needs of children with Asperger Syndrome in an inclusive classroom setting. This guide is meant to orient you to the challenges and skills of students with Asperger Syndrome and outline strategies that can be easily implemented to meet their needs. Educate you and help you prepare for having a student with Asperger Syndrome in your classroom. The guide begins with background information on the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome, a description of the range of behaviors a child with the disorder might display, and a brief overview of helpful educational approaches. A variety of approaches are included in the guide to help teachers and other school personnel meet the academic and environmental needs of a student with Asperger Syndrome in the classroom. The guide describes several approaches that can be used to address the social challenges Asperger Syndrome presents. As much as any student you teach, the child with Asperger Syndrome will benefit most when the teacher and parents are on the same page and efforts in the home and at school become mutually supporting. The heart of this document is a six-step plan you and your team can use to prepare for the inclusion of a child with Asperger Syndrome in your classroom. In addition, the Appendices in the back of this guide offer detailed strategies for developing and providing academic, environmental, and social supports for children with Asperger Syndrome in the classroom. Asperger Syndrome is a complex developmental disability marked by impairments in socialization, communication, cognition, and sensation. It is a lifelong disorder that carries with it considerable and long-term behavior problems. Although the characteristics of Asperger Syndrome will differ from person to person, common effects of the disorder include:? A persistent preoccupation with objects or narrowly focused topics of interest Asperger Syndrome may be diagnosed when a person exhibits atypical repetitive patterns of behavior, interest, and activities, such as the examples listed above. All people possess some of these traits, but it is the excessive presence of these characteristics that makes life challenging for individuals with Asperger Syndrome. Because Asperger Syndrome is a neurological disorder, individuals with the disorder often have difficulty controlling certain behaviors. It is important to understand the underlying psychological and medical bases of the disorder to develop an effective teaching strategy, as well as to help the individual better manage these behaviors. It does not address issues in teaching children with autism or vary in the severity of symptoms, age of onset, the other disorders on the autism and presence of other disorders like mental spectrum. As mentioned above, the main characteristics of Asperger Syndrome involve impairments in socialization, communication, cognition, and sensation.


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As a result they may be living support food high in cholesterol shrimp order prazosin overnight, invalid care allowance zinc cholesterol levels purchase prazosin 2 mg fast delivery, disability in poverty percent of cholesterol in eggs cheap 2 mg prazosin overnight delivery. At the time of going to print a beneft entitlement and their rates can new beneft called universal credit was be obtained, free of charge, from your scheduled to be introduced. It is planned local job centre plus offce, social security that this will gradually replace many of offce or job centre. Leafets on housing beneft and council tax beneft Many local sickle cell & thalassaemia are available from your local council. The Beneft Enquiry Line is a free Eligibility for meeting the criteria when confdential telephone service set up applying for welfare grants are usually for people with disabilities, their carers based on your income and the severity and representatives. Phone: 0800 88 22 00 Voluntary organisations such as the Sickle Cell Society can also offer some fnancial Text phone: 0800 24 33 55 assistance for essential items. Phone: 0845 712 3456 Text phone: 0845 722 4433 70 Pregnancy and What can our child inherit? Since you already have one child with sickle cell disease, there is a possibility of your having another child with sickle cell disease if you are with the same partner, or if you have a child with a different partner who also has sickle cell or any other unusual haemoglobin. Knowing this means that planning to have another child may be an emotional and worrying time for you. It may be useful to talk to your nurse specialist/counsellor, health visitor or doctor when you are planning to have another child. To work out which haemoglobin type your child could inherit you will need to know which haemoglobin type you and your partner have. If one or both of you have not been tested for sickle cell you will need to have a special blood test called haemoglobin electrophoresis and a full blood count. The sample for chorionic villus sample and There are a number of ways of testing to amniocentesis is not taken from any part fnd out if the fetus growing in the womb of the growing fetus. The risk calculation does not take into tell you which haemoglobin type the fetus account the miscarriage rate that can has inherited from you and your partner. The healthcare regional fetal medicine centre in a hospital workers are there to give you information as an outpatient. The procedure may which will help you whilst trying to make a require local anaesthetic but not always. A small piece of the placenta You may have thought about what you (this is what will develop to become the would do if the result shows that the fetus afterbirth later in pregnancy) is taken has sickle cell disease. The result is usually decided to have the test so that you can available within one week. It is possible that you wanted to avoid having Amniocentesis a child, or another child, with sickle cell this test can be done from around 14 disease and were planning on terminating weeks of pregnancy. In either case, it the liquid around the fetus, called amniotic may be useful to discuss your feelings with fuid, is taken and sent for testing. This test will show whether the If you decide to terminate the pregnancy, baby has sickle cell disease or not, and, if this will be arranged for you and you will the result indicates the condition, will be be given as much support as you need referred for specialist care. The you will notice a change either in her success rate, sometimes referred to as the behaviour or her mood, even when your take home a baby rate is about 20% in child is still very young. It also depends on option with your doctor, specialist nurse, the type of sickle cell disease your child or contact one of the specialist centres has and how it affects her as an individual. Questions parents Although your child has sickle cell disease often ask she is able to eat the same foods as the rest of the family and does not need a How will I know if my child is having special diet. Because children with sickle cell by parents, especially when their child is disease use up a lot of their energy in newly diagnosed. They are worried that keeping well they tend to be thinner than they may miss the signs and their child their peers, therefore some specialists will be in unnecessary pain. As a parent suggest increasing the calorie intake a you get to know your child better than little, for example giving her more proteinanyone else. Ask your health visitor or specialist Can my other children or anyone nurse about this. Your child may have a else catch sickle cell disease from smaller appetite than her brothers and my daughter? It is not possible to catch sickle cell Most children will eat enough to keep disease, because it is not an infection. Your child that it is best not to make too much inherited her genes from you and your fuss about diet because it often makes partner.

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