SJM aims to cover all dimensions of work for justice.

Accompanying and defending the migrant person in all phases of their migration process.

SJM works in partnership with other organisations to prevent the root causes of forced migration.

And from the arrival to the territory, with presence in the south Spanish border; to the processes of reception, integration and citizenship, through the hospitality that implies its processes of social inclusion, the access to rights, the full participation in the society, the associative strengthening, the management of the cultural and religious diversity, the visibility of the migrant woman worker in the home, etc.

In addition, we carry out a work of awareness raising among citizens and advocacy with public authorities on issues of migration policy, integration and social coexistence, and cooperation and coherence of policy measures.

We work in the processes of exclusion:

CIE, situations of reemigration and expulsion. We are present in contexts of detention and internment, guaranteeing the fulfilment of human rights standards, accompanying expulsion and return processes in the European context by the Dublin Regulation.



The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) was founded by the Society of Jesus in 1980 as a response to the growing refugee population fleeing from armed conflict. Since then, local initiatives have gradually multiplied, within the framework of a global network, and have been grouped together by region.

In this way, SJM is part of JRS Europe together with 17 other national offices of European member countries, working in coordination from the Brussels office. JRS International, based in Rome, continues its work of accompaniment, service and advocacy for migrants and refugees in over 80 countries worldwide.

Migrants with rights Network

SJM participates in the intra-ecclesial network Migrants with Rights Network through the Social Sector of Jesuits, which is integrated within CONFER (Spanish Confederation of Religious). The Church organisations working in the field of migration and refuge which form this alliance are Caritas Spain, Justice and Peace, the Episcopal Commission for Migration of the Episcopal Conference and CONFER.