World Refugee Day: Hospitality Yes, Hospitality Always

(Text originally published in Papeles nº 262, April 2022, of Cristianisme i Justicia. Authors: Mª Carmen de la Fuente, SJM coordinator, and Santi Torres, president of the Migra Studium board of trustees). 

More than 100 million people in the worls have been forced to flee their homes for various reasons: wars, conflicts, violence, climate change, scarcity of resources, impoverishment… On world Refugee Day, 20th June, we call for Hospitality as way to act in the face of this reality. 

Some things are beyond our reach, especially now, but it is within our reach to listen and be very attentive to the reality that is reaching us. And this reality asks us to be at the side of the people, to get close to those who are suffering and to do so urgently, providing the necessary help for those who have to leave their homes without knowing if they will be able to return. But not only this: we must go further, as did the Good Samaritan who, after healing the wounds of the needy person he met on the road, took care of him (Lc 10, 25-37). We too must find ways to offer Hospitality… always. 

FULL TEXT HERE (Cristianismo I Justicia website).