Paths of Hospitality, Paths of Peace.

Once again this year, the Paths of Hospitality initiative is underway. In 2022, when the world is still recovering from the effects of the pandemic, a war is once again taking place in Europe. In this context, we can see how the culture of hospitality, solidarity and welcome is more necessary than ever to offer protective responses to those fleeing violence, lack of resources or the climate change. The cases of Ukraine, but also of ongoing and forgotten conflicts such as Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia and many others, challenge us to respond to this situation. 

This year, Paths of Hospitality are Paths of Peace. Through this symbolic mobilization that is being organized in many places in Spain, we raise our voices to demand a culture of Hospitality and peace, as the only possible way for harmonious and enriching coexistence between different religions and cultures. 

This 2022 the Paths of Hospitality initiative will be extended in time. While in previous years the activities were centred around the International Day of Refugees (20th June), it is proposed to extend the timeframe to allow the walks to take place at different times of the year, taking advantage of the appeal of different symbolic dates. We therefore invite you to walk this year also around the World Day of Migrants and Refugees (25thSeptember), promoted by Pope Francis with the motto ‘Building the future with migrants and refugees’, as well as on the date of the International Day of Migrants (18th December). 

On the initiative’s website you can access all the information about this action. In addition, participants are encouraged to share and send photos and testimonials with the hastag #SumaTuCamino (#AddYourWay) on social networks or by email to in order to become aware of the hospitality network that together we make up.