‘Semillas’, the new SJM’s podcast.

In the SJM we wanted to start the year with a project that we carry out with a great enthusiasm and excitement. A project with which we hope accompany migrants and refugees in their migratory phases, in a way that is close to all the people who are part of out SJM family an its work.

This project is named ‘Semillas’ (seeds), a podcast where we share different moments, works, experiences, points of view and strength to face each of the challenges we encounter every day in the process of accompanying, serving and defending migrants and refugees, whose rights are constantly violated.

In our first episode, in addition to talking about what SJM is and how it works, we introduced and analyzed, in the MigraAcciones section, how each of our strategic lines are focused on serving and defending the rights of all these people. Therefore, we have considered important to talk about the history of this organization; how the Jesuits began this mission of walking alongside excluded people in search of social justice since the birth of JRS in 1980.

On the other hand, in this episode we interview Jaime Pons, technical coordinator of the SJM network, who talks about the global challenges of migration today and in the future.

The first installment of ‘Semillas’ is hosted by two colleagues from our SJM Technical Office in Madrid, Daniel Martínez and Pilar Sanz.

Transparency is one of the main qualities in any organization, so we want to share the essence of our work. We also consider this an original what to do it, where we seek a sense of family in the struggle for a society where the human rights of all people are respected, especially those affected by war, persecution, lack of resources or any other situation that causes there rights to be violated.

You can listen here the first episode of our podcast #Semillas.