Lumen VII Report: Working on the margins

Today, employment is undoubtedly one of the main drivers for subsistence and to guarantee the living conditions of any person, including the migrant groups. A job, when it is decent, has the capacity to generate sufficient incomes to cover our needs, but not just that, but it is one of the best tools for social inclusion and participation that exist. 

In our daily work we see the hopes that migrant people have when it comes to finding a decent job, but also the pressures and expectations that weigh on their migratory project. Factors such as administrative irregularity, precarious and informal sectors, abusive conditions or the lack of protection by the administrations push these groups to work, on many occasions, on the margins. 

In this Lumen VIII Report, entitled ‘Working on the margins, informal employment and migration’, we want to approach informality in employment in Spain, analyzing different faces that remain at the migrants of rights, the sectors where informality and its consequences are most relevant, and the work of the entities of the SJM network, through the employment of the San Juan del Castillo Foundation and the training and employment area of its Pueblos Unidos y Padre Rubio centers. These organizations focus on these margins, accompanying, serving and defending where other administrations and organizations do not reach.